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New year, new faces, new songs 

Heya Funky Fam!  We have had some heavy changes in the Family and it's time to share some info about it.  In January Hal retired from his place in the band due to physical issues that keep him from being able to play at the level he expects from himself and he needs to take care of his hands.  He was there at the founding of Funktional Family and those of us who have spent the last 20 years playing for countless hours and recording 2 albums with him will miss him.  After some discussion we decided to keep…

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HEYA! Welcome to Funky Fam central!!!! 


Welcome to the new website!  We are still putting this thing (thang) together and the bugs, ants, bees and beetles are still being worked out so bear with us while we build a Funky Fam central for show dates, recording announcements, track downloads, pics, videos, blogs and etc.  Much love, funky trails and see ya soon!!!!!